Labyrinth is a full-service research and consulting agency. We have a strong team of professionals with a broad experience in different fields of research. We are a flexible and trustworthy agency, able to provide you with reliable and high quality research results.

Labyrinth offers a broad range of research methods. At your request we can organize group-interviews, in-depth interviews as well as quantitative face-to-face interviews and online surveys. In addition to our standard products we can also tailor according to your wishes. Depending on what you need, we can conduct a whole research or support you with parts of your own research, for example by only conducting fieldwork. We are not only flexible when it comes to the methods we can apply but also in terms of the scale of the research. In the past we conducted both large scale nationwide questionnaires as well as small scale neighbourhood research.

Key to what we as Labyrinth offer, is our ability to reach out to all members of society. Hence our motto: ‘We don’t talk about them, but with them’. We believe that only in this manner, you can gather all essential information. To achieve this, Labyrinth has a so-called ‘Etnoteam’: a large and highly educated multicultural team of interviewers. With our Etnoteam we can reach all possible respondents, regardless of language barriers, background and socio-economic status. Research results provided by Labyrinth will therefore express the views of as many people as possible. Decisions or policies based on our research will have a broader support with your target group, saving you time, money and frustration.

We are aware of a continuous need for quality improvement. Labyrinth is therefore actively supported by an advisory board consisting of professionals with broad knowledge gained in both the non-profit as well as the business sector. Furthermore, thanks to our collaboration with a number of universities (among others University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam, University of Leuven and Erasmus University) we have direct access to the latest developments in our field. We actively exchange knowledge and experience and are proud to have on an ongoing basis students and recent graduates setting their first steps in their career at Labyrinth.

Our fields of study include:

  • Neighborhood economy
  • Housing
  • Social cohesion
  • Diversity
  • Care and welfare
  • Retail

For information, please contact us.